To give better access to information and support on genetic eye conditions we have developed a chatbot that you can interact with. You can access it on the bottom right corner of every page or by clicking here

We have trained the chatbot to answer a wide variety of questions on specific genetic eye conditions and on the support available.

However, the goal is for it to be able to become better with time. With every interaction it becomes better at understanding users intentions and giving more accurate answers – this is because it uses natural language understanding technology, a branch of artificial intelligence.

How to use it

Let’s say you want to know about a certain eye condition. You can tell the chat bot the genetic eye condition you have and then type in questions such as:

  • “what causes it?”
  • “is there any treatment?”
  • “what research is currently happening on my eye condition?”

You can also ask about specific treatments, for example

  • “tell me about gene therapy?”
  • “is it safe?”

Plus, you can ask lifestyle related questions such as:

  • “can I drive?”
  • “what employment support is available?”
  • “what help is available for the family?”
  • “are there any benefits with travel?”

We are open to suggestions on areas for improvement so feel free to contact us with feedback


On the top left corner you have the option to change the contrast from light to dark mode. You can even change the size of the font to suit you.

If you would prefer voice then you may also enable the Gene Vision Alexa skill – see link for details.