KRT12 gene


Gene (OMIM No.)
Function of gene/protein
  • Protein: Cytokeratin 12
  • Expressed in the corneal epithelium
  • Forms intermediate filaments with cytokeratin 3, which are integral to the mechanical strength and support of the epithelial cells
Clinical phenotype
(OMIM phenotype no.)
  • Autosomal dominant
Ocular features
  • Intraepithelial microcysts (best visualised on retro-illumination)
  • The cysts may rupture leading to recurrent painful epithelial erosions
  • Cysts do not stain with fluorescein except when it has broken through to the surface
Systemic features
  • No systemic features reported
Key investigations
  • Usually diagnosed on slit lamp examination alone
  • Anterior segment OCT: Hyper-reflective vacuoles measuring about 50𝜇m diameter
Molecular diagnosisNext generation sequencing
  • Targeted gene panels (ASD)
  • Whole exome sequencing
  • Whole genome sequencing
Therapies under research
  • Gene silencing with allele-specific short-interfering RNA (siRNA) molecules
  • Gene editing with CRISPR/Cas9 technology
Further information

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Updated on November 30, 2020
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